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Ninja Warrior 

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American Flip Factory’s Ninja Warrior was originated from a desire to teach boys and girls who may have been inspired by "American Ninja Warrior" or "Parkour" to experience a structured and safe training program that will teach them to run, jump, leap, vault, catch, grab, and most of all flip.  We desire to develop a well rounded Ninja that is physically, mentally, and emotionally developed to handle any challenge this world throws at them.

Our focus for the ninja warrior program teaches skills such as shoulder rolls, basic vaulting technique, strength building, balance control and wall running.

If you have a child who is interested in challenging themselves in a fun disciplined environment where they will be cared for and developed from the ground up, we invite you to come out to our Ninja Class!

It is our hope to see every Ninja that comes through our doors to leave here confident, strong and capable of handling themselves in the real world.

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